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Welcome to the website of the
church choir Deo Sacrum, Delft, The Netherlands,
founded August 24th, 1723.


Deo Sacrum provides the music for the 11:15 am Mass at Maria van Jesse Church, Burgwal 20, on most Sundays and for many Feasts and Solemnities throughout the year.

Rehearsal: Thursdays at 8:15 pm.


Deo Sacrum’s aim is to keep our ecclesiastical and musical culture as an integral part of the contemporary liturgy.
Our repertoire (see page Archive - 'Archief') exists of Latin and Dutch masses (unisono or four-part up to six-part) and Dutch as well as foreign-language motets of the past centuries, including plainchant.

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Maria van Jessekerk, Delft.


The history of the choir dates back to 1723, when it was founded to participate during Mass at the conventicle of St. Joseph in Delft, nowadays Maria van Jesse Church.
Starting out as a male choir, it soon became mixed and during High Feasts it was accompanied by the 'Music Choir' (i.e. an orchestra). Therefore on Easter Sunday still the choir is regularly accompanied by an orchestra.
In 1866 came the order that only male choirs should sing during Mass. This was revoked only after the Second Vatican Council (1963-1965). In 1982, Deo Sacrum became a mixed choir again.